Welcome to JC Economics Tuition

JC Economics Education Centre was set up in 2012 specializing in A Level Economics

It is conveniently located at three locations, Bishan, Bukit Timah and Tampines. Mr Anthony Fok is a firm believer in his students’ capabilities and potential and is driven to guide each of them to achieve academic excellence. This is seen through his dedication in designing a comprehensive and seamless Economics tuition programme, from the learning resources provided in lessons to the extra guidance after classes.

Based on a deep understanding of the Cambridge ‘A’ level syllabus and examination requirements, Mr Anthony Fok is experienced in helping his students become adept learners and develop necessary skills for examinations.

If you would like to find out more about how our students have fared over the years, you can refer to the multitude of testimonials available on our website. Many of them have written heartfelt and touching testimonials for their beloved Economics tutor and their thanks keeps Mr Anthony Fok motivated to continue doing what he does best – making a difference.

The J.C.E of JCEconomics

Additional Services

Round-The-Clock Assistance

Stumped while revising by yourself? Mr Anthony Fok is there for you via whatsapp and will provide you with immediate guidance. No more worries about only being able to ask questions during lesson time!

Marked Feedback

Would like to practice but fear that they are futile? Mr Fok will help you mark whatever work you attempted, from essays to case studies, whether they are from tuition, assessment books or from schools. Now you can do more practices and make them more productive!

After Class Consultation

Burning with questions? Some of you may be too shy to ask during lessons, but do not hesitate to ask Mr Fok one-on-one after lesson to clarify concepts!

Extra Resources

If you ask for it, Mr Fok will definitely provide you with a wealth of learning resources, from practices to summary notes in topics you find yourself weaker at.